This new car from Hyundai has legs! Check it out!

Off late, we have been hearing about flying cars. But, Hyundai has gone one step ahead and launched its unique walking car, dubbed Hyundai Elevate. With its four wheels attached to extendable robotic legs, the vehicle can drive, walk or climb over obstacles, and has been primarily designed to provide fast and efficient disaster assistance, as well as transport for people of determination.

The wheels with robotic legs allow users to drive, walk or climb over treacherous terrain. It can climb a 5-feet wall and step over a 5-feet gap. Developed in association with Sundberg-Ferar, located in Metro Detroit, Hyundai sees Elevate as more of a first response vehicle.

Elevate will be a relief for people living with disabilities, as this vehicle could walk right up to the front door and allow for a wheelchair to roll in.