This Kiwi couple quit their job and getting paid to travel the world!

Photo Courtesy: onflightmode

Brook Sabin and Radha Engling are two kiwis, who were just like any other working couple almost a couple of years ago. Today, they are travelling the world and getting paid for it. The couple, both originally from Northland, who have been together since high school,  have travelled to more than 40 countries, including India, by now.

Photo Courtesy: onflightmode

Brook was a reporter and Radha was working for Qantas as a flight attendant, safety auditor and manager. They were just a couple of days away from buying their house, and it all took a u-turn when they decided to quit their jobs and travel the world.

Their home deposit funded the first few travels, but now they make money from selling photo and video packages, reviewing the accommodation they stay at, writing articles for their website, and providing social media services for small companies.

Photo Courtesy: onflightmode

Brook and Radha were recently on a four-month drive through France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro as part of their collaboration with a car rental. And, all they had to do was take photos and videos of their adventures along the way.

With a camera, two lenses, a drone, a stabliser for smooth video footage, two laptops, four hard-drives and a knot of cables, they are making good money to travel around the world.