Tour with Shailesh: Experience farm stay in Kasargod

Kasargod, the northern district of Kerala, bordering Karnataka, is known to be the land of seven languages and several cultures. The district has famous tourist centers, including the international fame Bekal Fort and beach. Kasaragod is known for its forts, rivers, beautiful hills and pristine sandy beaches.

Apart for high class accommodations for tourists, Kasargod is blessed with lots home-stays and farm houses, who host visitors in the traditional indigenous manner. Those who wish to be away from the hassles of city life can escape to one of the farm houses to have a peaceful and enjoyable home-stay.

A farm experience is a distant dream to the city dwellers and having an option to take such a holiday where you get to experience farming in its pristine form, live in Natural surroundings listening the music of nature, relishing on the farm cuisine with materials cultivated in the same farm and enjoying top class hospitality from locals – a complete non-professional set up but an overwhelming experience.

In this video, Shailesh take us to enjoy and experience the living in a farm house in Kasargod.