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Oman strives to promote tourism abroad through rep offices

Oman tourism has established representation offices abroad to promote the nation’s tourism products abroad. These 14 offices of the Ministry of Tourism are targeting the most promising and competitive tourism markets of the world to Oman.

These offices have been taking many significant moves to put Oman tourism on the world tourism map. They are introducing new tourism products among operators and tourists and trying to establish the Sultanate as an emerging destination.

They have been organizing Meetings, conferences and exhibitions and offering incentives to attract tourists by various means, including cruise ships.

Tourists in Jabal Shams, Oman

These offices encourage independent adventure travellers with special interests such as biking, sailing, hiking or long walks, as well as tour groups interested in cultural tourism and families looking for leisure destinations on the beaches.

The promotional activities organized include trade fairs focused on tourism, presentations on attractive tourism destinations in the Sultanate, coordination with tour operators and travel agencies, advertising and organizing introductory tour packages for travel agents, tour operators and journalists, as well as media campaigns and publishing articles on electronic platforms.

Rania Khadhr, Director of the Ministry’s Foreign Tourism Representation Office in Paris, said that the office promoted tourism through advertising, which includes partnerships with airlines, hotels and tour operators in Paris.

“Campaigns increase awareness and the destination needs to be seen to connect with the people. For the purpose, photos and texts are used. This makes the work of promotion of tourism products of the Sultanate easier,” said Khadhr.

In addition to this, media organizations are also continuously provided information about the Sultanate through monthly press releases and individual communication.

Italy is currently the third largest market for tourists coming to the Sultanate, after the UK and Germany. It supports the growth of international tourism in the Oman.

Hoota Cave, Oman

A spokesman of the Oman’s tourism representation office in Italy said that the promotional campaigns started showing results.

“The popularity of the Sultanate in the Italian market is evident from the growth in the number of tourists, which it received, in recent years. 35,984 Italian tourists reached Oman, registering a growth of 131.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2018, when compared to the same period in previous year.

The tourism department has been using the social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.  in a positive manner. Similarly, the tourism representative office in the United Kingdom carries out digital marketing, as well as promotions through television, radio and theaters.

The most important tourist attractions in Oman include the highest mountain peak – Jabal Shams – and Jabal Akhdhar, a mountain plateau, famous for its green fields full of flowers, pomegranates and other fruits. There is also a beautiful coast near Ras Al Jinz, the farthest point in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, which is a place for nesting for endangered green sea turtles in the Indian Ocean. The Hoota Cave is another major attraction for tourists. The entrance to the Hoota Cave can be reached by a short electric train ride.