TCM health tourism in a positive swing


Health tourism featuring Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is getting greater acceptance in recent years, as stated by experts who has been attending the International Health Tourism Forum held in Beijing recently.

“Cross-border health tourism is in fashion now,” said Li Jiangbin, an official with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies announced the establishment of a special committee to promote TCM health tourism worldwide.


TCM health tourism provides tourists with an array of options, allowing them to experience traditional Chinese methods of healthcare such as acupuncture and cupping therapy, and learn about related theories and traditional culture.

As per records, around 138 million tourists visited China during 2016, for TCM. It shows the popularity of TCM among the international tourists and the possibility of developing TCM tourism in the country.

As per reports, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the country plans to set up 10 demonstration zones and 100 demonstration bases of TCM health tourism within three years.


TCM programmes have already been implemented in Beijing and Hainan provinces since 2011 and the authorities are expecting more development in the sector during the years to come.

“TCM health tourism is having better prospects in the future, as long as the policies of the government are supportive,” said the secretary of the Party committee of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.