CIAL model SPV for making Kadamakkudy a village tourism hub

Kochi is going to be one of the coveted tourism destinations of the state, as District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) is planning to implement a CIAL model Special Service Vehicle (SPV) for 14 islands of Kadamakkudy panchayath to convert them to a village tourism hub. It was revealed in a meeting of DTPC along with other stakeholders, including district administration and Kadamakkudy grama panchayath.

As per the programme, the islands will be connected through ferries. Walkways also will be made connecting the islands. Tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy the activities arranged in each islands, like experiencing the village life including fishing, farming etc. They can also roam around the other islands through ferries or walkways.

Mangrove park, floating restaurants, cottages, water sports adventure zone, aqua farms, pokkali farms,  coir museum etc. are among the attractions planned in the islands.

“An amphitheater will be constructed in one of the islands, where traditional art forms and martial arts will be showcased. Children’s park, gymnasiums and jogging tracks also will be arranged,” said Vijayakumar, Chairman, DTPC Eranakulam.

“The entertainments in the islands will be concluded at 6:30 pm; after that the tourists can go back to their cottages or to houseboats to have their dinner,” added Vijayakumar.

Mangroves in the western part of Chariamthuruth Island will be another major attraction. Tourist can wade through the canals and ponds to have a close watch of the mangroves.

“We are also planning floating markets to sell handicrafts and fish for the tourists passing through boats,” said Mahesh G, Consultant, Master Plan and Infrastructure of the Project.

Mahesh also said that the steps for coordinating the stakeholders for floating the SPV were progressing under the leadership of MLA S Sharma. Central Marine Fisheries Resarch Institute (CMFRI) and District Panchayath will also take part in the project.