Jet Airways to shut services to 9 airports in India and Gulf

The Jet Airways said it will withdraw services from nine airports in India and Gulf by February 2019 with an aim to drive better cost efficiencies. According to a Jet Airways spokesperson, the operations have been shut in Jorhat, Silchar, Imphal, Aizawl, Raipur, Sharjah Muscat, Madurai and Vizag.

“The airline has undertaken comprehensive review of its network, whereby it will move capacity from uneconomical routes to more profitable ones, to more closely align the capacity offered with the demand characteristics of specific markets,” said the airline in a letter to the Travel Agents Association of India.

Stating that the airline will redeploy aircraft to other profitable hubs, the letter said, “Effective December 2018, the airline has introduced 65 additional weekly frequencies on its international and domestic routes thus, further strengthening its network over its hubs of Mumbai and Delhi. We recently introduced our first daily direct service from Pune to Singapore and effective December 5, 2018 added a host of enhanced frequencies between Delhi-Singapore, Mumbai-Singapore, Delhi-Bangkok, Mumbai-Doha, Dehi-Doha, Mumbai-Dubai and Delhi-Kathamandu.”

Addressing the issue of cancellations, the airlines told the travel agents’ association, “We are writing to assure you that whilst we deeply regret the inconvenience these cancellations may have cost, our operational reliability remains at 99.6 per cent, which is one of the highest in the industry and comparable with global standards. Of the 12.4 million guests who chose to fly between April and October, less than 1 per cent were impacted by flight cancellations.”

Source: Business Line