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Travel between Mumbai and Fujairah in 2 hours

Graphical representation of the Bullet train passing through the floating pipeline

Travelling between Mumbai and Fujairah in just 2 hours is something that cannot be possible in our wild imaginations. However, UAE’s National Advisor Bureau Limited has come up with a concept to traverse the distance of 2000 kilometers in 2 hours by underwater train, speeding through floating pipes.

As per report of a local daily, the new futuristic project aims to connect India’s Mumbai with UAE’s Fujairah with an underwater bullet train that will run in floating tunnels.

Proposed Railway Station in Fujairah

“With this underwater railway link, the distance between the two cities will come down to just 2,000 km,” said Abdulla Alshehhi, MD and chief consultant at UAE’s National Advisor Bureau Limited

A graphically created video by National Advisor Bureau shows an underwater bullet train between Mumbai and Fujairah travelling at a speed of 1000 kilometres per hour. Furthermore, the project envisages exchange of oil and water through the pipe line.

Proposed Railway Station in Mumbai

While explain the concept, Alshehhi said that the project would be a boost to bilateral trade, apart from allowing easy movement of people between the two countries. Alshehhi believes that the floating underwater project will allow oil to be exported from Fujairah port while excess fresh water from river Narmada can be exported to UAE. A feasibility study on the ultra-speed floating train project is yet to be carried out.

With the incessantly evolving technologies in the modern world,  the ambitious concept might become a reality in the near furture. Meanwhile, India is already experimenting with introduction of next-generation technologies such as Hyperloop. Projects in Maharashtra (Mumbai to Pune) and Andhra Pradesh (Amravati and Vijayawada) are already lined up.