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Fly high with iFLY Dubai, the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel

Make your dream of flying come true at the magical iFLY, defy gravity in a controlled environment with skill, style and courage. Installed in City Centre Mirdif, it is the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel, open for everyone over age of 3, the safe and well controlled environment at iFLY Dubai promises you a memorable experience.

Being attached to the City Centre Mirdif mall, iFLY sets new boundaries in the vertical wind tunnel industry and is the world’s first tunnel to achieve this feat and being designed to be raised 3 meters in the air, to give you a bird’s eye view over Magic Planet. The wind tunnel standing at 10 meters tall with acrylic glass wall is air conditioned to keep the flyers cool.

From beginners to seasoned professional flyers, everyone can enjoy flying at its best with the state of the art patented technology which ensures high degree of safety. The qualified instructors ensure you an experienced flight in a controlled environment by providing just the right amount of air flow for the utmost flight enjoyment.

Each wind tunnel has 2 big fans of more than 3 meters diameter providing 800 horsepower from tunnel that can blow away air up to 200 Kilo meter per hour. A pressurized staging area which can fit up to 12 flyers at one time inside crystal clear acrylic tube of 3 meter diameter and 10 meter height. You can also record your flying experience with DVD/photo system.

A training room is also available outside the tunnel to teach the flying techniques through videos. There is also a rental area where you can get specialized equipments, like fly suits goggles and helmets. There is shop outside to buy branded tee-shirts and other souvenirs.

There are many different packages available depending on your skill level and skydiving lessons are also provided to teach you the necessary skills to complete a real skydiving free fall course. One-on-one session with a certified instructor to learn skills like turn, vertical moves, altimeter check, practice pull etc. You will learn the basics of a skydiving course like jumping from an airplane. You will do 5 flights of 2 mins each and 10 minutes of flight equivalent of more than 10 actual skydives!!

So what are you waiting for, go and enjoy the magic of flying at one and only iFLY Dubai.