Belitung can be a nomadic tourism destination: Indonesian Minister

Belitung in Bangka Belitung Islands province is a suitable site for nomadic tourism, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has said.

“Belitung is a suitable destination to develop nomadic tourism,” Arief said in Belitung recently, as per local media.

Arief said developing a special economic zone such as in Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara would take too much time; meanwhile Belitung Island would be a good location to promote nomadic tourism.

“I’m optimistic that the nomadic tourism concept could be a permanent solution for Belitung,” Arief said.

Nomadic tourism consists of activities or businesses related to the lifestyle and culture of moving around, such as glamping (glamorous camping) or staying in home pods and caravans while traveling.

Arief highlighted Belitung’s picturesque nature and its potential as a luxury destination, which make it a suitable nomadic tourism destination. “The market is large, nomadic tourism has a potential 21 to 35 million foreign tourists from all over the world who are interested in it,” he said.

The minister also invited tourism investors to invest in the province, and others, to develop nomadic tourism.

The concept of nomadic tourism has already been implemented in Tanjung Kelayang Belitung, Eco Beach Tent by Billiton, which has been operating since May this year.

Eco beach tent by Billiton in Tanjung Kelayang Belitung

Eco Beach Tent has developed the glamcamp model with the tagline ‘Reconnect with Nature’ with a variety of supporting facilities for five-star hotels and is environment friendly.