Rs 7 crore to restore the beauty of Shankhumukham beach

Rs 7 crore project to restore the beauty of Shankhumukham beach in Thiruvananthapuram, which was totally destructed during the recent monsoon showers.  The new project includes protecting the coastline constructing protection walls thereby preventing damaging the coastline in the future.

The project, developed by the Project Wing of Irrigation Design and Research Board under the Irrigation department, was submitted to the state government. Though it was planned as a Rs 4 crore project initially, the new report is designed to withstand possible future resistance from the destructive waves.

As part of the project, there will be a 400 metre long and 7 metre high protective wall to be constructed. Bags filled with stones will also be laid in and around and under the protective wall. Concrete blocks will also be laid near the wall.  The construction of such bases using stones and gravel will help prevent soil erosion. The authorities are hopeful that these measures will help prevent the coastal barriers from further damages.

The district administration had earlier in April decided to impose restrictions on entry to the Shanghumughom beach in view of the high-energy swell waves along the coastline. Long stretches of the coastal roads have been severely battered during the monsoon period.