Extension of closing time of eateries to boost nightlife in Andhra Pradesh

Late night meanderers of Andhra Pradesh need not starve any more. The state government has given approval to extend the last closing time of eateries until midnight. Currently, eateries have to close shop by 10.30 pm

Order has been issued by the Labour Department to this effect. It is expected that the move will encourage nigh life in the state and will contribute to tourism development. The extension in closing time is only for eateries and not applicable for bars.

It has been a request from the restaurants and hotels of the state to extend the closing time. The request has been bring into the attention of the Chief Minister by Mukesh Kumar Meena, Secretary of the Department of Language, Culture and Tourism. Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister for Andhra Pradesh responded positively to the request.

“With extended working hours, hotel business will flourish, contributing indirectly to the State’s revenue. This will also increase income of workers,” said Himanshu Shukla, Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

It is also expected that the late night running of hotels and restaurants will provide an opportunity for people, particularly those doing jobs at odd hours, to enjoy nightlife. “All this contributes to revenue generation for the government in the form of taxes,’’reasoned an official.

Hotel and restaurant owners have welcomed the decision and stated it ‘a right move’ that would help not just them but many allied sectors.