Shanghai to promote industrial tourism

Shanghai City, China

Shanghai in China is planning to open the doors of the industrial centers to the tourists. It was announced by the Shanghai Municipality on Thursday, 20th  September 2018.

The three-year programme envisages development of industrial tourism, including in industrial sites with local characteristics. The objective behind the programme is to generate interest in students and young entrepreneurs and help them enrich their awareness levels on industrial processes and projects. At the same time, it will become a revenue earner to the municipality.

Shanghai is the birthplace of China’s present-day industry and the modern industrial hub in the country. Local industrial tourist destinations will showcase the development of modern industries in Shanghai and in China as hole

The authorities expect to host 15 million visitors to the city’s industrial sites by 2020, which is around two million more than 2017. The sites include industrial heritages as well as modern plants of the city’s leading manufacturing companies.

The Municipality also plans to upgrade several industrial sites and present them to the prospective tourists.