Romania to open 20 overseas tourism promotion offices

Aiming at boosting inbound tourism to the country, Romanian government is planning to establish 20 overseas tourist promotion offices.

The proposal was set forth by the Tourism Ministry, stating that the offices will be opened in major markets of Romanian tourism and the offices will have two employees nominated by the ministry.

“The new measure intensifies the efforts to promote Romania as a major tourist destination on an international level,” said Nelu Barbu, Government Spokesman to the media.

The role of foreign representations will be to enhance the flow of foreign tourists to Romania, to facilitate and create new associations for tour operators, and to promote the destination among specialists and tourists through various promotional activities.

As per the spokesman, the countries, where the offices are to be opened, is not yet finalized. However, Bogdan Trif, the tourism minister of Romania said, three of them will be in China to exploit the Asian market.

“Let’s not forget that China’s outbound tourists is 120 million per year, but very few of them arrive in Romania,” said Trif in a press conference earlier

Romania had eight promotion offices with one employee each operating in the United States, Austria, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and England until the spring of last year. These positions were abolished as a result of financial irregularities discovered by Court of Auditors.