Maharashtra seeks help of Buddhist Monks to promote Tourism

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation aims at promoting tourism in Buddhist hotspots of the states with the help of Buddhist Monks.

MTDC is going to seek help of monks from 15 neighbouring Buddhist countries. Thhese monks will propagate Buddhism’s traditional and historical facets, in the state in the form of caves, stupas, gumphas and viharas, among other artefacts.

The state’s ministry of tourism has organised the 6th International Buddhist Conclave 2018 in Aurangabad on Thursday.  Buddhist delegates with monks from 15 nations were present at the conclave, where monks and Buddhist delegates have an opportunity to interact with the tourism operators of the state.

The meet was inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind. Addressing the event, he said that the Buddhist Circuit in India is an important and revered set of destinations for the approximately 500 million-strong community of Buddhists that lives across Asia and other parts of the world.

“Voyage of Buddhism from India to Asia and the transcontinental links that were created carried more than just spiritualism. They carried a rich cargo of knowledge, arts and crafts, meditation techniques and even martial arts,” said the President.

Earlier while talking to the media about government’s plan, Jaykumar Rawal, Tourism minister said, “Buddhist tourism is getting more interest these days and we have lots such spots in our state. We hope with the help of the monks from all around the world we will be able to bring more Buddhist enthusiasts to the state. What we are expecting is these Buddhist monks would work as our ambassadors in their respective countries and propagate our Buddhist spots in their countries.”