Adventure Tourism

Cherai welcomes adventure lovers

The 10-km long Cherai beach is the longest beach in Kochi, and has been famous for its occasional dolphin sighting. But, for years it has been remain unexplored by tourists, and was just another beach for the locals to chill out in the evenings. Realising the potential of the Cherai beach and its pristine waters, Mesh Manoharan, an international diver, along with a group of like-minded people established Cherai Water Sports at the beach.

The beach is no more a meagre evening spot, it is filled with lot of activity; Thanks to Cherai Water Sports!

“We are introducing European life style here. You can have motor race, non- motor races and skilled and unskilled rides. One of our specialties is catamarans. We have European style catamarans here,” said Mesh Manoharan, who is in charge of the Sports Club.

“Safety is of utmost preference in adventure sports. Cherai Water Sports assures world standard safety measures in all of their activities. So, even small children can come to enjoy the sea,” he added.  Those who are interested in adventures, the watersports in Cherai will be an apt place for enjoyment.

The club has world standard catamarans such as NacraF20, Nacra 570, Fobican, Tiger etc to give you the best experience of your lifetime. Water sports items include Banana Ride, Catamaran Sail, Speed Boat Ride, Kayaks Ride, Wind Surfing, Water Skies, Boogie Boards, Lay low Ride and Knee Board ride.

Cherai Water Sports is also introducing new activities and rides such as scuba diving, high mass, bcd jacket diving, under water slate pad etc. Basic and advanced training for wind surfing, kayaking, water ski, catamarans, scuba diving, swimming activities are also provided by the club.

Recently, the club has appointed Advocate Antony Kurithura as the brand ambassador of Cherai Water sports. Anthony was the former Fort Kochi counsellor.

Cherai Water Sports is a venture by a group of professional marine explorers and adventure lovers, to provide water based adventures to the visitors of Cherai Beach. The team aims at enhancing tourism in the region through adventure sports. The team aims at exploiting the facilities available for water sports in the form of beaches, rivers, backwaters and lagoons, which are abundant in Kerala.