Horniman Circle garden to have a face-lift

The Fort-based Horniman Circle garden, built by the British-era, will have a face-lift as informed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s heritage department. Tenders for the same will be floated within two months. The renovation works will include new lighting and iron-fencing

The Horniman Circle garden was built in 1872 and is spread over 12,000 square yards. The area had been known as Bombay Green in the 18th century, while the area around it was called Elphinstone Circle. After Independence, the area was renamed in honour of Benjamin Horniman, editor of The Bombay Chronicle newspaper, to recognize his role in the Indian Independence.

“The Horniman Circle garden is a heritage and part of the Fort zone. We have planned to carry out renovation, which includes putting the proper lighting and other details including the iron-fencing that covers the garden,” said Sanjay Sawant of the heritage department, BMC.

As per Vikas Dilwari, conservation architect, the Circle was the place where open market trading would be conducted. Image from the days shows cotton bale being traded here. The garden is crescent-shaped and the buildings with a uniform facade with both the sector facing the town hall came up later.

The garden’s architecture was derived from English architecture. This garden was an early attempt of urban design. The cast iron was specially brought from England.

The garden today is used by many people leisure spot place and becoming a significant tourist spot. The BMC aims to renovate the garden keeping in mind the heritage factor, including using the same form of iron that is currently put up at the garden. BMC expect the renovation works will attract more people to use the garden and it can go back the old glory.