Janvey and Lavanya – ‘Padwomen’ of Punjab

Inspired by Akshay Kumar’s movie Padman, Chandigarh based teenagers Jaanvi Singh and Laavanya Jain have started a hygiene campaign ‘spot free’. They visit the nearby slums to create awareness of personal hygiene and bought sanitary napkins and distribute among the women. Later they have decided to make the pads themselves, as they could not afford the costs.

“After watching Padman, we thought we should buy pads & distribute it to women who can’t afford it. But the cost was too much and that’s why we decided to make them ourselves. Each pad made by us costs Rs 2. Now we plan to teach it to students at my board school” said Janvey Singh.

Women in the slums who go for works told the team that, they do not use sanitary napkins during their periods; instead use cloths to serve the purpose. Most of them are not aware of sanitary pads or how to use it.

The ‘spot free’ team has already supplied more than 1000 pads to the slum dwelling women. Now some of their friends assist Jaanvi and Lavanya in making the pads. Their brothers and friends help them to pack in newspaper. One packet will have 10 pads.

“Our campaign will not limit here only, we plan to train the women in the slums to make sanitary pads by themselves, so that they can make them in their homes itself and use it,” said Janvey.