Andhra Pradesh tourism to promote handicrafts industry

As part of revitalizing the handicrafts industry of the state, the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Authority is conducting state wide workshops for the artisans.

While talking to the media in the first such workshop on Sunday, 5th August 2018, Mukesh Kumar Meena,  Secretary, Department of Tourism, Language and Culture, said traditional artisans producing enchanting range of handicrafts and weavers creating brilliant line of handloom apparel were integral part of the tourism sector.

“We want to create a well-organized platform for the craftsmen to market their products easily and ensuring deserved prices,” he said.

AP tourism department is planning to take care of the marketing and promotion of the local handicrafts in an organised way at the national and international platforms and would concurrently work to bring them together.

“The local handicrafts had vast potential in the international market but there were gaps which needed to be filled,” said Himanshu Shukla, CEO of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Authority (APTA)

The authorities hope that, promotion of handicrafts would encourage more tourists to visit the state, while guarantee better income to the artisans and generate more employment opportunities in the sector.

To facilitate connecting the tourists with the craftsmen directly, the department is developing tools to guide the visitors about where to go, what to eat, where to stay and what to buy.

Sambasiva Rao, Director (Administration), APTA, said the department is planning to issue a coffee table book on the handicrafts and information on the craftsmen, to keep the tourists well-informed of the local crafts.

Hanumantha Rao, former Minister; J Varaprasad Rao, President of Mangalagiri Master Weavers Association and B. Mohan Rao, President of Pedana Kalamkari Association, also spoke on the event.