Couple stroll the world on their tiny home on wheels

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parson, a North Carolina couple has been on an adventure trip, hauling their miniature house nearly 80,000 kilo meters across 36 states in US and one province in Canada.

The couple has spent nine months building the miniature home on wheels before commencing their three years of travel. They’re documenting their trip on a YouTube channel focused on disseminating the nomadic tiny home lifestyle.

“We own the world’s most travelled tiny house,” claimed the couple

Setting up the home for the journey meant using every bit of available space. “Every single inch matters in a tiny house. And we have a very small, tiny house,” said Parsons.

The home includes a kitchen, bathroom, living room and two sleeping lofts.

Long drives in a tiny home means the couple is rarely more than a few meters apart. It increased the feeling of togetherness and willingness to compromise the comforts in contracted space in the small dwelling.

With housing affordability becoming an increasingly pressing issue in a number of urban centers across North America, the couple expects to see more people turn to tiny home living.

Stephens said, Victoria Mayor Lisa has extended an invitation after watching the couple’s documentary, “Living Tiny Legally.”

“She invited us to come to Victoria to learn more about legal progress for tiny houses in the states so she could apply that locally,” Stephens said. “She was looking to create a micro-housing project on city-owned land as a way to meet some of the housing needs because they have a real affordable housing struggle in Victoria.”

The adventurous journey of the couple in their tiny home has already become viral in social medias and it is told more people are coming forward to venture the track paved by Stephens and Parson