The ‘pink kitchen’ at Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty

There is a secret behind the tasty food of Malabar Café in Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kochi Bolgatty. Here, food is prepared and supervised by ladies only. All chefs in the kitchen are women.

Latha is the Chief chef and Manager of the Kitchen and has four chefs to work with her. Aswini, Rehmath, Kavitha and Antish are the assistants to Latha.

Photo Courtesy: Mathrubhumi

“It is a dream come true job for me; I always dream to have a kitchen only for women. Here I could implement what I have been longed for. I should thank God and the management of the hotel for that. I have never expected, a person like me with no higher education could become the chief chef and manager in a property like Hyatt; to me it is a very big thing,” said Latha, Senior Chef and Manager.

As its name denotes, Malabar Café provides ‘thani nadan’(traditional)  malabri cuisine. Vazhappoo (banana bloom) cutlet, prawn vada, malabari biryani etc. are some of the specialties of the Malabar Café.

All of the assistant chefs are happy to work with Latha, the Senior Chef and Manager. There is a harmony in the works and it reflect on the food they provide to the customers.

“In my nine years’ experience, it is the first time I am working with only ladies in a kitchen,” said Aswini.

Rehmath is in-charge of Biryani. She also make pathiri, a traditional Malabar dish and snacks. “We enjoy our work and all are doing their duty with sincerity,” she said.

Kavitha is responsible for  ‘thali’, and also takes care of starters, snacks etc. Antisha is in charge of the live counter, mostly making appam, fish curry etc. Sometimes she helps the thali counter.

While talking about the customer satisfaction, Latha said “We often have long stay guests. At the time of leaving the hotel some of them ask us, which curry powder we are using and if requested, we give them curry powders that we use in the kitchen. We do not sell them, but give as compliments.  These spices and curry powders we use are 100 per cent pure and without any preservatives or colours.

“The ambience and the taste of food prepared only by women will make you feel at home,” assures the management.


NB: Inputs and photos from a Mathrubhumi video.