Singapore Tourism Board targets secondary cities of India

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is planning to focus on the secondary cities in India to enhance its tourism revenues.

STB has conducted a road show in Coimbatore on 18th July 2018, to propagate their different packages to the travel and tourism industry and to the general public. As per statistics, Singapore has been witnessing a steady growth of 16 to 17 per cent during the past years in terms of tourist arrivals from India.

STB records says 6.1 lakh tourists from India had visited Singapore from January to May 2018. However, most of these tourists are from the metro cities. That is the reason the tourism board is redirecting their focus to the secondary cities of India.

“We want people to know that Singapore has something for everyone and it is a destination that suits all income groups, varied interests and passions and is worth the money one spends,” said G B Srithar, Singapore Tourism Board’s regional director in charge of South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

With a tagline “Passion Made Possible,” the board try to promote more focused forms of tourism.

“Many people may have visited Singapore once and done a general sightseeing trip. But we now offer specific trips for foodies, people looking to enjoy the social life, collect items, participate in cultural events and experience the local culture, look for business opportunities or those looking for an adventure trip, which can excite people to visit the country again,” said Srithar.

“The board wanted to continue to sell Singapore primarily as a family and child friendly destination and a cruise destination,” he added.

As per records, Singapore’s highest cruise visitors are from India.