Kerala tops best tourist destination during monsoon

While Kerala has been facing the mishaps of incessant rain during this monsoon season, there is happy news for the tourism industry. As per the recent report by the online booking agency ‘MakeMyTrip’, Kerala tops the favourite place for tourists during this monsoon.

According to MakeMyTrip, there have been 100 per cent growth in bookings for the major tourist places of Kerala – Thekkady, Alappuzha and Munnar, during this monsoon season. Furthermore, the report says Bakel fort in Kasargod is emerging as an offbeat destination for tourists.

The report is formulated based on MakeMyTrip bookings till May 2018 for travel period July 2018- September 2018.

Generally, monsoon is considered off season for most of the tourist destinations. However, this year’s bookings give a new hope for the Kerala tourism sector. Other top off beat leisure destinations in India were Goa, Puri, Munnar, and Shirdi.

Indians travelling to international destinations also show an increase of 26 per cent during this monsoon season. According to the report, top international destinations that continued to be frequently booked by travellers for short trips during monsoon period (July-September) are Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.