Maldives leaders likely to get EU travel ban

The political leaders of Maldives, who are close to the President, may get travel bans and asset freeze, as per the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union. In a statement the EU said those who are responsible for undermining the rule of law or obstructing and inclusive political solution in the Maldives as well as persons and entities responsible for human rights violations will get the sanctions.

Earlier India has urged for restoration of democracy in Maldives. It was feared, if the Abdulla Yameen government go like this, in the forthcoming election, he would be the sole candidate for presidency.

As per sources, EU and India have been closely coordinating their approach to Maldives. Ministry of External Affairs said in a recent statement that they have urged the Yameen government to return to the path of democracy and ensure credible restoration of the political process and the rule of law, before the elections are conducted. US also made a similar remark on Maldives current situation.

However, India has not made any strict steps against Maldives so far. The government of India is cautious about the relations with the neighbouring countries, as it does not want to have situation similar to the sanctions imposed to Nepal in 2015. Though Nepal did make some changes in the Constitution, it resulted in erosion of India’s goodwill to some extent.