Middle East

Three lakh foreign tourists visited Red Sea during June

Around 387,000 tourists visited Red Sea in June this year, in which 300,000 were foreign tourists, according to the Red Sea governorate’s statistics.

German tourists recorded the highest number among other nationalities with 110,655 tourists. Egyptians came second with 82,640. Czech tourists came third with 27,852 visitors, while the British came fourth with 22,527 and the Polish ranks fifth with 20,238 tourists.

As per records, tourists from the Arab countries show a downward trend. Only 1506 tourists from Arab countries visited Read Sea during this period.

Domestic tourism in Hurghada hotels recorded an occupancy rate of 100 per cent, despite the high prices of accommodation during June.

Thousands of Egyptians residing in other gulf countries who return at this time of the year contributed in high hotel occupancy rates in the Red Sea governorate.  Increased number of visitors from foreign countries also helped for the improved hotel bookings these days

Red Sea Governorate  is one of the 27 governorates (States) of Egypt. Located between the Nile and the Red Sea in the southeast of the country, its southern border forms part of Egypt’s border with Sudan. Hurghada is the capital of this state, which also the largest city. Hurghada has been a popular destination for beach lovers and scuba divers.