Mak Mak will guide you in Macau

Macau Tourism has a new mascot, ‘Mak Mak’, which will guide travellers to explore Macau. The new mascot was designed by Tou Chon Wai, winner of ‘Design Contest’ conducted by Macau Government Tourism Office  (MGTO).

‘Mak Mak’ encourages travellers to explore Macao, a city of Chinese and European cultures woven together in harmony, while searching for its own meaning on the journey and bringing back all valuable experiences to its most beloved home – Macau.

MGTO Director Senna Fernandes presenting a trophy to Tou Chon Wai 

Inspired by the Guia Lighthouse, Mak Mak is a black-faced spoonbill with hues of red, yellow and blue bringing out a European aroma with its design. Mak Mak adorns the role of a pathfinder to Macau, a special administrative region of China, just 40 miles from Hong Kong.

Through the Contest, MGTO collected outstanding entries of tourism mascot designs that highlight the unique and fascinating dimensions of Macau as a travel destination, with the hope to bring out a fresh and positive tourism image of the city. The Tourism Mascot will take up the important role to promote the destination, while guiding visitors from around the world to explore hidden gems in different districts and parishes of Macau.

Mak Mak will be used for destination promotion, with its image produced on different promotional materials, and appearing at different tourism activities and overseas tourism promotions.