Cross border tourism programme launched in Uganda

The Hashers, a cross border community association in Kabale-Uganda, has launched a new campaign aimed at promoting tourism and trade between Uganda and Rwanda.

About 50 members of Kabale hashers group, together with 52 members from Rwanda-Kigaly walkers group, launched the joint group to promote community tourism and healthy living on Sunday, 1st July 2018

Mount Muhavura, on the border between Rwanda and Uganda.

Jean Nyamuninga, the president of Rwanda-Kigali walkers group, along with the leader of Ugandan group Richard Shyaka, said that the group shall help in enhancing cross border trade in the spirit of the East African Community.

“The hashers group will visit either country annually to promote community tourism and market the tourist attractions in both countries” said Shyaka.

“With the launch of this joint hashers group, we shall be able to promote the climbing of Mt Muhavura, boat riding on Lake Bunyonyi, mountain gorilla tracking in Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks,” Shyaka said.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda

The Kable hashers group in Uganda and the Kigali group in Rwanda were started with an objective of doing exercise. They used to walk kilometres as part of their exercise. Later they started doing charities for the needy people, those they identify during their walks. Both the leaders of the groups – Jean Nyamuninga and Shyaka are optimistic on the working of their joint group for the betterment of both their countries.

Lake Bunyonyi – Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale

“Our group has so far constructed two houses for genocide survivors. We have been raising funds to help the Burundian refugees that crossed into Rwanda after insecurity back home,” said Nyamuninga, leader of Kigali group.