Britons claim the major portion of Ireland tourism

Britons become the top tourists who have visited Ireland, revealed a recent research, which states that one in four of the island’s foreign visitors are from the UK.

It was in the third Annual Tourism Index, Europcar, Ireland revealed that 27 per cent of foreign tourists who visited Ireland last year came from UK. Americans stands second with 13 per cent. Italians bag the third place with 12 per cent of the foreign foot prints.

Researchers tried to find out the reason that attracts people to Ireland and it was understood from the survey that majority of the tourists were making return trips, while two fifths were visiting the country for the first time. At the same time, one third of the tourists’ interest of visit was to see their friends and family in Ireland.

A major portion of the visitors stay in shared private accommodation like Airbnb. There was remarkable increase in the users of Airbnb, said to be because of high quality of accommodations provided to the visitors. Most of the tourists staying in private shared accommodation last year were very positive about the hospitality of their hosts.

The things those attracts tourist to Irish pubs constitute their experience of the Irish culture, the warm welcome and the atmosphere in the pubs, traditional music and the taste of real Irish genuineness.

Recently Dublin Airport announced that they will be launching 14 new routes, five of them long distance and nine short distances, across four new airlines. This amounts to more than 1.7 million extra seats – an eight per cent increase in capacity compared with last summer.

Ryan Air, Iceland Air and British Airways also have announced new routes, touching Ireland, which will in turn increase the tourists’ inflow in Ireland in the coming years.