Bathe in Beer, inside a Beer Spa in Spain

Offering some great relaxation to beer aficionados, the Beer Spa Granada, has just opened its doors in the historic city of Granada in Southern Spain.

The guests can plunge into beer baths and enjoy massages, facials and other beauty treatments as in any other spa. The only difference is that the major ingredient is beer.

The bath include ingredients common in beer such as yeast, hops and barley, as well as natural enhancers such as cinnamon. “Beer has medicinal and therapeutic properties that make it the ideal ingredient for any spa treatment,” says the spa’s website.

The beer circuit includes a beer bath, beer sauna and relaxing on a bed of barley for an hour. The session, which costs €45 also includes a tasting of the local Alhambra beer and a traditional aperitif. The beer spa is said to have several beneficial qualities, from stress reduction and improving blood circulation to improving skin condition and providing essential vitamins.

The spa also gives the facility for extra treatments including a full body massage using hops oil and yeast. The spa is planning to open in 25 other Spanish cities, including Madrid, Valencia and Alicante, through franchises.