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UAE lifts travel advisory to Kerala

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) has lifted the travel advisory to Kerala it had issued in mid-May where a Nipah outbreak has claimed over 17 lives.

However, the ministry has asked residents to take all precautions, with summer holidays are ahead.

In a statement the ministry said, “According to the latest report received from the World Health Organization (WHO), the disease has been controlled and there are no travel ban to Kerala.”

“The ministry does not prohibit the public from travelling to Kerala but precautions should be taken by travellers. We recommend travellers to any destination in the world to visit Mohap traveler’s clinics to consult our doctors before travel for an adequate period of 4-6 weeks for the following reasons,” the statement added.

It was also recommended to conduct some necessary tests if required as well as to introduce the traveller to various types of vaccinations that may be needed for the destination.

In May, the ministry had asked people to put off unnecessary travel plans to India’s Kerala state, where a Nipah virus (NiV) outbreak claimed a number of lives and also led to several others being put in quarantine.

It had also issued a circular to officials of airlines, airports and seaports to watch out for passengers coming into UAE and exhibiting symptoms of Nipah virus. According to a health official, the circular was distributed to all airlines coming directly from Kerala to the UAE,

“If they (airline officials) suspect any case with symptoms, it has to be isolated immediately,” Dr Fatma Al Attar, director of international health regulations at the ministry had said.

People can take some precautions against the virus. The virus can be transmitted easily, precautions are important for hospital workers in charge of taking care of the infected patients. Precautions should also be taken when submitting and handling laboratory samples, as well as in slaughterhouses.

Earlier on 11th June, the Health and Family Welfare Department, Ministry of Kerala has also issued a notification for the withdrawal of a similar advisory that was issued on 22nd and 25th May on the outbreak of Nipah Virus, advising people to abstain from travelling to Kerala