Switzerland announces new campaign with Ranveer Singh

Switzerland’s tourism board has once again appointed Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador to enhance the number of tourists form India. Bollywood block busters, Sangam, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Jab Tak Hai Jaan have showcased Bollywood’s fascination with Switzerland. The Swiss government is trying to cash this fascination to promote their tourism sector.

Director of Switzerland Tourism India Claudio Zemp said, “Ranveer showcased the fun and adventurous side of Switzerland in last year’s campaign, while this time around we have highlighted the Lake Geneva Region, one of Switzerland’s hidden gems. It focuses more on the finer things of life such as gastronomy and wine, music, culture and romance.”

“In the last ten years, Indians visiting Switzerland have shown an average of 8.2 percent growth every year, except for 2016, when we saw only about 1% because of some internal visa issues.”

“We saw an immediate growth in travelers from India since Ranveer come in August last year. The accumulated growth in number of Indian tourists was 23.4% in 2017. Our Bollywood connection has been helping us to attract Indian tourist and we hope to continue it in the future too”, he added

In our new promotion, Ranveer takes viewers through some of the most beautiful places to visit, like Lausanne, Montreux, Château de Chillon, Lavaux Vineyards, Chaplin’s World, Olympic Museum, Queen’s Studio and Glacier 3000, among others. Ranveer is also seen soaking in the beauty and scenic views of the Swiss Riviera.

Viewers can also catch a glimpse of the special ‘Ranveer on Tour’ train on the Golden Pass Line, now available for the world to hop on to. This train was launched in Switzerland during his last trip as a tribute to his contribution to tourism promotion of Switzerland.

“Switzerland is a round the year destination, still we try to promote autumn because it is one of the best times to visit Switzerland. Apart from other facilities, there are a lot of Indian restaurants, as most of the Indians like their native food wherever they go. Some of the travel companies travel with their own Indian chefs so that guests can get the food they want. We even have vegetarian restaurants as well to cater the food requirements of the Indian tourists”, assured the director.