Muniyara dolmens steal the hearts of Yoga Ambassadors

On the seventh day of the Yoga Ambassadors Tour 2018, the yoga delegates visited Muniyara Dolmens after the regular morning yoga protocol. The jeep safari through the bumpy roads and the misty hills of Munnar was a new experience for the delegates.

The dolmens in this region are called Valivadu or Muniyara. The Muniyara Dolmenoids are prehistoric dolmens, belonging to the Neolithic Age. Dolmenoids were burial chambers made of four stones placed on edges and covered by a fifth one called cape stone. “The dolmens have been included in the tour as the place is favoured by wellness travellers for meditation and yoga,” said Anish Kumar PK, President of ATTOI.

Upon reaching the dolmens after a steep hike, the delegates started chanting ‘Om’ and ‘Om Namah Shivaaya’ together. Later the group was spread and started practicing meditation in their own way. Two of the delegates, Konstantin and Otto climbed further up and had a peaceful meditation in one of the dolmens.


The delegates performed yoga and displayed some yoga poses on top of the dolmens. “Watching this group from different countries perform yoga and chant the mantras are really wonderful,” said Dr Arun Tejas, the yoga master assigned by the Ministry of Ayush to train the delegates.

Mist clad Munnar and the pre-historic sites of Muniyara has made the delegates say that they want to come again. Sandra, Karita, Shakti and Lisa have already made plans to come back to Munnar with their yoga group in this year itself.

The team will leave Munnar after a two-night stay on June 20 and head to Kochi where they will participate in mass yoga drill on the International Yoga Day at Mariott in Edappally.