Eco Tourism

CM to lay foundation stone for Malabar River Cruise project on 30 June

Malabar River Cruise project will kick start on 30th June 2018. The project targets comprehensive development in the tourism sector of Malabar. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will lay the foundation stone for the project at Parassini kadavu in Kannur. “Once the project is in operation, it will be a big leap in the tourism sector of Malabar”, said the Tourism Minister Kadakampalli Surendran.

Dream Project of Malabar

The government aims at generating 2 lakhs new employment opportunities within 5 years of the project. Renowned travel guide book publisher ‘Lonely Planet’ has ranked Malabar in 3rd Place among the ‘top ten must see places of Asia’. “Malabar Cruise Tourism Program will be a unique brand in the tourism sector”, anticipated the Tourism Minister.

Water transport through Malabar

This project aim to have water transport through the rivers and backwaters of Malabar Area.  It will be an Eco-friendly tourism project. Construction works of the project will be in line with the Green Architecture Design. Waste management will be of highest priority. Sewage treatment plants, bio-toilets, plastic waste processing units etc. will be included in the project.

Traditional industries like toddy making, fishing, rice cultivation, handlooms, pottery, metal handicrafts etc. will be made a part of the tourism project to enhance their production and sale.

Those who work in the tourism sector like auto, taxi, bus drivers will be given proper training to make them part of the project and thus generate more employment opportunities for the local population. There will be benchmark for the standard of the homestays, restaurants and hotels working in the tourism sectors.  Government will encourage private entrepreneurs to come forward to be part of the project.

Malabar’s own tastes will be made available for the tourists with emphasis on the Muslim dishes.  The iconic cultural and art forms of Malabar, like Theyyam, Oppana, Kolkkali, Poorakkali, Yakshaganam etc. will be part of the program, along with the historical specialities of Malabar.

53 crores of rupees are already set aside by the state government for this project. It is expected to have 100 crores Central Government aid. The estimated total cost of the project is 325 cores.

Cruise boats will be made available with the cooperation of the private sector. The cooperative institutions of Malabar will also associate with this project,

Kannur Airport – a new hope

“Once the Kannur Airport becomes a reality, it is expected to have substantial increase in the number of tourists in the Malabar area”, said the Tourism Director Balakiran. “At present barely 10% of the tourist visit Malabar area. However, once this project came in to being, the number of tourists will increase. Parassini kadavu, Pazhayangadi, Karayad Boat Terminals, Perigathoor Boat Jetty, Champad, Dharmmadam, Parappuram, Madakkal, Kottappuram, New Mahi, Kaakkakkadavu will have boat jetties. This project will be first-of-this kind in South India. The heritage of Kerala will not be compromised in the operation of the project. The project will be in line with the state’s policy of responsible tourism”, added the Director.