Live like a lotus to achieve entirety: Dr. B R Sharma

While addressing the foreign delegates from different parts of the world during the International Conference on yoga, organised as part of the Yoga Ambassadors Tour 2018 at Leela Raviz Hotel, Dr. B R Sharma from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Research Institute, Lonavla, advised that we should live like lotus. He was talking about yoga in the ancient scriptures, highlighting verses from Bhagavat Geetha where Lord Krishna explains different yogas to Arjuna, answering his queries regarding happiness and sorrow.

“When our desires are fulfilled, we attain happiness,” says Lord Krishna. If we cannot fulfill our desires, it will cause grief. Then, how can we overcome our grieves? Here comes the importance of meditation. We don’t have any single solution for all our problems. However, through meditation we can tranquilize our troubled mind and thus subside our sorrows.

Through practicing meditation and different ‘asanas’, in yoga we discover ourselves. Through persistent training and continuous trial and error practices we accomplish totality.

While answering queries of the delegates regarding achievement of entirety, he quoted some verses of Bhagavat Geetha, which exhorts ‘one should live like lotuses. “Lotuses normally bloom in dirty mud water. But the dirt or mud will not affect the leaves or flowers. They will always stand above the dirt. We should live the same way. Our surrounding should not affect our thoughts or acts. The places we stand do not matter, but what we do to pass the positive energy is important. Every action should be like a meditation. Thus we enlighten our soul and spread the energy to others around us,” he explains.

Dr. B R Sharma is associated with Kaivalyadhama Yoga Research Institute, Lonavla for more than three decades. Currently the Principal of G. S. College of Yoga & Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, he is also closely associated with the AYUSH Ministry, Govt. of India for World Health Organization (WHO) in the development of Benchmarks in Yoga Training.

The Yoga Ambassadors Tour 2018 has commenced on 14th June 2018 at Leela Raviz hotel, Kovalam, officially inaugurate by  Shripad Yesso Naik, Minister of State, (I/C), Ministry of AYUSH Government of India. The event, organized by Association of Tourism Trade Organizers India (ATTOI), in association with Ayush Ministry, Government of India and Kerala Tourism, will conclude on June 21 at Kochi, on the International Yoga Day.