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Kovalam gets a head start; poised to be the yoga capital of Kerala

The Yoga Ambassadors Tour organised by ATTOI successfully crossed Day 2 with accolades being showered by the yoga delegates on the organizers and the Kovalam beach. All the sixty yoga ambassadors took part in the one hour long morning yoga session lead by Dr Arun Tejas of Sri Chithra Institute, Thiruvananthapuram. Though Kerala has witnessed mass yoga sessions in the state, it was a new experience to watch this much foreigners doing yoga.

The team then headed to Sivananda Yoga ashram at Neyyar in Thiruvananthapuram where they had a small session of meditation lead by yogini Kalyani from the US, who has been with the ashram for the past 10 years. Other than the usual buffet lunch, the ambassadors were provided a very simple and traditional Kerala lunch with rice and curries. Sitting on the floor, the delegates had the red rice, aviyal, sambar, stir-fried beans and a cup of vermicelli payasam (a quick Indian pudding made with vermicelli, milk and sugar). “It was altogether a different experience having the food with hand. And, it was very simple and elegant,” said Debbie Omkari Thomas from UK.

Post lunch, the team boarded the bus for Kanyakumari (Cape Comerin) to visit the Vivekananda Rock and Ramayana Museum. The team performed yoga at the Vivekananda rock, which was a feast for both the delegates and the visitors at the rock. “Since I have been researching on Swami Vivekananda, this trip to the memorial and the museum, was of much importance to me. This can be easily called my trip of a lifetime and I am sure going to come back to know more about his teachings,” Janessa Mondestin from US was more than happy sharing her experience with us.

“I had a great day learning about Shivananda ashram, Vivekananda rock and ashram and Kanyakumari,” said Sarah Dittmore from US on her way back to Uday Samudra Resorts in Kovalam for dinner. In total agreement with Sarah, Paulina Kulikowska from Poland said,” Today was a splendid day. I really like the spiritual perspective. This is my first trip to India and Kerala. If it hadn’t been for this trip, I would not have come. It would have been such a miss if I missed this tour. I am discovering so much about the culture of Kerala. I feel the energy here is light and bright”.