‘Guardians of the Himalayas’ to protect the mighty mountains

Though the government has passed a legislation way back in April 2014 stating that every trekker should bring back at least 8 kgs of waste per person including their own, the Himalayas are drowning in trekker’s waste. The legislation has not reached all who travel up the hill. It is in this situation that the Green Stars is taking initiative to launch the ‘Guardians of the Himalayas’ programme on the World Environment Day this year.

Green Stars Founder, Alan Bywaters has decided to launch ‘Guardians of the Himalayas’ programme in an effort to engage everyone involved in the trekking and expedition industry to continue the great social and environmental work Sir Edmund Hillary began back in June 1961 and become protectors of the mountains instead of waste producers.

“On expeditions, we’re only thinking of the goal and not considering the impact we have along the way. We have the energy to muster when we go on these expeditions, but for some reason, we don’t want to hassle or care for our waste. This is strange behaviour as everyone wants a clean and green planet. It’s time to make expeditions for the sake of picking up the waste or what we’re calling ‘CleanTreks’. Sure I’d rather be climbing the mountain peak but saving the planet is the call of the hour,” said Alan Bywaters.

For all the trekkers who will carry the eight kilograms of waste back to the foothills, there is a surprise waiting for them. To fund this huge task, Alan is offering past expeditions to sponsor 8 kgs a head at $2/kg and they will receive a letter of ‘collection and recycling’ to show their negative impact has been minimised. These plastics will be upclyced into plastic bricks used for earthquake resistant buildings.

“We hope that this will inspire locals to stop throwing and burning waste but take the opportunity of cash revenue this program offers. If anyone can pick up more waste than I can I will give them my speaking slot at Tedx Akshardham in Delhi July this year,” Bywaters said.