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Mekunu won’t affect tourism

Though Cyclone Mekunu had an adverse effect on Dhofar coastline and caused some impairment to Salalah and other towns in southern Oman, the tourism authorities are not skeptical about the tourism sector. In fact, the tourism authorities believe that the cyclone has put Oman on the global tourist map.

“This will bring about great promotion for the country as many tourists will come to Salalah. The heavy rainfall has led to overflowing springs and waterfalls in Dhofar. These will boost tourism, as many tourists will come to see the water bodies. We don’t have any problems in Salalah, and there are only a few damaged roads in Mughsayl, where government agencies are working to repair them and find alternative roads in the meanwhile,” said Marhoon Saeed Al Amri, Director General of Tourism in Dhofar .

He also believes that Khareef season will have superior waterfalls and a lot more greenery and the affected hotels will be back in business on the first day of Eid. The Tourism Ministry has already taken numerous steps this year to make the tourist season a best one for tourists to Dhofar.