Ayurveda gets a new facelift

In a move to promote Kerala Ayurveda globally and within India, Ayurveda Hospitals, Ayurveda Resorts, Ayurveda Centre, Clinics, Ayurveda Medicine Drug Manufacturers, Ayurveda Medical Institutions have come together to form ‘Ayurveda Promotion Society’. The main aim of the society is to promote Ayurveda under one platform with proper guidance and directives, thereby becoming a global brand of the state. The society will carry out the initiative with the support of Ayush, Health Ministry, Tourism Ministry, Industries Ministry and Education Ministry.

The society aims at Ayurveda promotion by conducting seminars, workshops, exhibitions, tours, study classes, through magazines etc. The society will conduct Kerala Ayurveda Mart in Kerala and will endorse medicinal plant farms inside and outside the state. Ayurveda professionals and therapists will be trained and brought to state for providing exceptional service. Organizations like National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare (NABH) will help the society in acquiring necessary national and international accreditations.

The society pledges to work with the central and state governments, Ayush and other Ayurveda associations in endorsing Kerala Ayurveda as a super global brand. The society has also been selected as the associate partner of for the International Ayush Conclave (IAC), which will be held at Ernakulam. Sajeev Kurup V (President), CS Vinod (Secretary), MR Gopalakrishnan (Treasurer), Baby Mathew, T Chacko Paul, K Ranjith Mathew, Rakesh Olappamanna (Executive Committee Members), DC Sudhir (Chief Coordination Officer) are the main flag bearers of the society.