Make way for responsible tourism

In an initiative to make ‘Kovalam’ a better destination to visit and live, Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel & Spa, with the support of other hoteliers in Kovalam and local people, is conducting the event ‘MY RESPONSIBILITY TOURISM’. The event focuses on creating awareness to the local vendors, taxi and auto drivers, localites and everyone regarding the importance of tourism in Kovalam. The event will be held on 29th May (Tuesday) at KJJM Animation Centre, Kovalam by 3 pm.

“The event is to make people understand that promoting and safeguarding Kovalam is everyone’s responsibility. This initiative is done with the support of all hoteliers in Kovalam and the local people. People like the auto drivers, taxi drivers, fruit vendors, local tour operators etc are the real heroes as they are the ones who interact with the tourists often. So, they really act as the ambassadors of the destination. They should take up the responsibility of safeguarding the tourists and impart the awareness to everyone. We will be awarding some persons from every sector like the auto and taxi drivers, tourism police, life guards, local tour organizations etc. Everyone should have the feeling of responsibility towards Kovalam and should make the destination the safest to tourists. We needn’t wait for the authorities to act, we ourselves can act to make Kovalam tourism more sustainable and a friendlier destination,” said Raja Gopaal Iyer, CEO, Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel & Spa.

Anish Kumar PK, President, ATTOI, supported the idea commenting it a great initiative. “Kovalam is a destination of immense potential and still has a lot to offer. For this, we want the tourists to have a comfortable and safe feeling at the destination, and that’s our duty. Let there be no more incidents which tamper the goodwill of Kovalam. This is just a beginning, we need to take this initiative forward to all the destinations to make people aware of the tourism prospects,” he said.

The event will be inaugurated by Adv M Vincent, MLA and will be attended by Raja Gopaal Iyer, Ward Councilor Nissa Beevi, Tourism Director P Balakiran IAS, District Police Chief P Prakash IPS, Anish Kumar PK, ACP JK Dinil, State RT Mission Coordinator K Rupesh Kumar, Taj Green Cove General Manager Mathew C Thomas, Ayub Khan, Venugopal and other stakeholders from travel and tourism sector.