SETE launches new digital campaign to highlight value of tourism

Greek Tourism Confederation’s (SETE) has launched a new digital campaign on, which will highlight the value of the country’s tourism in accordance with employment, revenue, growth and social cohesion. The campaign is marketed under the slogan ‘Tourism: Value for All’. The campaign driven by social media aims at spreading the impact of tourism across all regions and every aspect of society.

The campaign under the tag #kiomos , which means ‘yes, indeed’ in Greek, will bring in 12 real-life professionals who are involved directly or indirectly in tourism sector, which includes a chef, a mechanic, a theater clerk, a salesperson, a fisherman, a hat designer, a florist, a producer, a butcher, an enologist, a programmer and a truck driver. The task of these professionals will be to make people realize how their profession is linked to tourism sector and the benefits from it.

Based on a recent study conducted by SETE, the direct contribution of tourism to GDP totalled 18.3 billion euro last year, representing a direct contribution to the country’s GDP by 10.3 per cent. Considering the indirect contribution to GDP, the share rises to 22.6-27.3 per cent. “Tourism is a main pillar of our national economy. The value it produces is spread across all of Greek society. It creates new jobs, strengthens regional development, spurs business, and empowers local communities. SETE is aiming through the campaign to capture this very valuable dimension in the most direct way, the value that tourism generates concerns us all,” said SETE President Yiannis Retsos.