Tourism Department speeding up accommodation facilities at Lambasingi

Your winter will be much more exciting this year. This is due to the fact that the tourists will be able to spend a good amount of time at Lambasingi, the ancestral village at the core of Chintapalle area in the Visakhapatnam. The village is a favourite spot for the travellers as single-digit temperatures are recorded during intense winters and is referred as ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’.

The spot attracts lakhs of tourists from in and around the state every year. However, the main drawback cited by the tourists was the lack of enough accommodation at the village. Bringing a solution to this issue, the Tourism Department has finally started building cottages for the tourists and the works are expected to be completed by this November. The proposal for building cottages was made two years ago and the works are going at a decent pace now.

The village came into limelight when it recorded a temperature of zero degree Celsius for the first time in December 2012 earning the name ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’. Citing the issue of accommodation, the tourism department allotted 18.5 acres of land in the village. The facilities at the village will include cottages for tourists, a restaurant, a kitchen, a conference hall, parking place, play area, landscaped garden areas etc.