Bored travelling alone? You can now rent a robot

RoBoHon is not just another robot. It can hold short conversations with humans and can even take pictures and tell you about the locations you pass. This humanoid robot is believed to have the capabilities to be the next iPhone.

RoBoHon is available for rental at Haneda Airport for US$12 per day, with marginal discounts for longer rentals.

The other famous humanoid robots Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri focuses on giving you information, such as providing weather data and news, but, RoBoHoN, manufactured by Sharp, is made to be a companion to you.

This spiffy robot is outfitted with GPS and can track your whereabouts on your trip. Based on that, it can propose ideas on what to do, depending on where you are. If you are alone, this helpful companion can also take photos for you, and even dance on command.