Australian Tourism records heavy increase in international tourists

Australia is one of the most preferred spot for the international tourists. This fact is confirmed by the new statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The statistics reveal that a record number of 9.02 million international visitors last year. This records a huge increase of 7.7 per cent while compared to last year.

The sudden rise in Australia’s sector is attributed to the tourism flow led by China. The majority of tourists in Australia are from China, going beyond New Zealand as the major source of tourists to the country. The total number accounts to one-sixth of the tourists, thereby earning huge revenue from traveller spends. The presence of US visitors is also encouraging the tourism sector in Australia. Increase in US visitors during the past 12 months recorded a 9.2 increase, which comes as a result of Tourism Australia’s recent Dundee campaign, aimed at capturing the profitable North American market.

“The world is in love with our beautiful country and all it has to offer. The spectacular scenery, unique wildlife, and world-leading food and wine are attracting people to our shores like never before. Last week’s Budget reaffirms our support to boosting this super-growth sector with continued record funding for Tourism Australia,” said Australia’s Tourism Minister Steve Ciobo MP.