Walltec Technology: Revolutionizing the construction field

Why invest so much in a house when you can make one in a day? What if you can build a beautiful resort in a span of 2-3 months? This may feel absurd to you, but things have got far where construction has become easier and effortless. And the gateway to this is Walltec Technology.

Walltec Technology stresses on design, development, manufacturing and installation of residential and commercial building solutions. This technology can be effectively used in constructing excellent quality homes, commercial buildings, and warehouses. The buildings are constructed utilizing state-of-the-art CSIWs (Composite Structural Insulated Walls) and bonding materials which are produced using proprietary synthetic composite materials and industrial processes similar to those used in the marine and aircraft construction industries. The composite material is a combination of 2 or 3 materials which is used as a primary material for the construction and is lightweight, fireproof, eco-friendly etc.

“High quality construction, affordable price and faster building solution make Walltec an ideal construction technology for India,” said Jackson Peter, Vice President, Walltec Business Development in Asia Africa Region.

Tourism industry is one which is going to benefit the most from this technology. Building a resort or hotel takes 4-5 years of time and efforts. The time taken for construction, labor and expense can be reduced considerably if this technology is used. Building a resort of 100-200 cottages can be done in the extent of 2-3 months with minimal budget and labor. The major highlight of this technology is that the construction will be eco-friendly and can be modified or transferred to another location easily.

The following are some of the advantages of Walltec construction technology, which make it suitable for hospitality industry:

  1. Extremely faster to construct houses (A house can be constructed within a day)
  2. Exceptional quality houses
  3. Earthquake resistant and hurricanes resistance buildings
  4. Excellent thermal insulation and fire properties
  5. Best suited to construct buildings in humid geography
  6. Affordable prices and more

It is evident that there isn’t much progress in the field of construction in the past few decades. Conventional methods and materials are still used in the field of construction. This is why we aren’t able to find a sustainable solution for this. With Walltec’s revolutionary SkinTong construction technology and methods, the construction field will undergo a revolution with minimal budget, reduced labor and eco-friendly construction methods. This technology is also expected to bring down the housing deficit across the world, especially in India where the deficits are going higher. We live in a time where the cost of living is going higher day-by-day. New technologies need to be tried out, innovative method of Walltec is definitely a convivial change.

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