Africa: New found loved destination of Chinese travellers

China has the largest number of outbound travellers. The major share of these travellers were visiting Europe, Asia and America, and now Chinese travellers have found out a new destination. Africa has turned out to be the favourite destination for Chinese travellers and the numbers are substantiating this new found love. South Africa, Madagascar and Morocco are the main favourites of Chinese travellers.

It’s supposed that the shift in strategy by African nations played a major role in the greater interest of Chinese tourists along with support from Chinese policymakers. China’s roaring economy, better jobs, and an open strategy toward developing improved relationships, Chinese travellers are welcomed happily in many parts of the world. Credit should be also given to the African countries for developing policies targeting Chinese tourists’ spending power, as well as Chinese capital, tourism awareness and logistical strength.


The waiver of visa fees by Morocco for Chinese travellers in 2016 was a move knowing the possibilities of Chinese tourism. The result was instant, recording a 6% growth in Chinese travellers in the first half of 2017 compared to the statistics of 2016 till June. As per reports, the waiver on visa fees is just the first step taken by Morocco to develop its tourism. Morocco’s Vision 2020 plans aims at growing the accommodation capacity, thereby developing tourism and creating revenue up to $38 billion by 2020.

South Africa is another African nation which has realised the depth of South African tourism. One of the vital steps taken was by adding new five visa centers around China in 2016. Chinese travel agencies were given the responsibility to handle the processes direct flights to Johannesburg were allowed. As a result, China is now one of South Africa’s top five sources of tourists. South Africa and China launched the Tourism Growth Initiative Program in 2017. Under this programme, South Africa’s Standard Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) created the “I Go to South Africa” loyalty program which encouraged investments and tourism between the two countries.

In a lighter note, Operation Red Sea and Wolf Warrior II, the two movies shown this year in Chinese cinemas, not just brought humongous hits to their producers, but also encouraged the Chinese citizens to explore more of Africa, see its natural beauty, lifestyle