Goa tourism plans roadshow in US

Goa Tourism is planning to conduct a roadshow in US to boost tourism. Tourism minister Manohar Azgaonkar and chairman Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) Nilesh Cabral will head the roadshow, which will start on May 20. Chief secretary Dharmendra Sharma and deputy director tourism will also be part of the delegation to US.

US tourist arrivals in Goa remain at less than 2 per cent of the state’s total tourist footfall. The tourism department’s website shows that the footfalls from the country dropped to 1 per cent in 2016 after showing a slight growth in 2015 when it received 12,227 visitors.

Meanwhile, with the mercury shooting through the roof, Goa’s private lifeguard agency issued an advisory for the tourists and locals who head for the beaches in summer, especially in May, when the temperature in the coastal state peaks at 38-40 degrees Celsius. The advisory asks tourists to look out for rip tides and powerful underwater currents that are a major cause for drowning off beaches. The advisory also asks swimmers and beach-goers to stay hydrated and avoid direct sunlight.

The state’s most frequented beaches are manned by a 600-strong force of life guards managed by a private agency, Drishti Marine. The advisory set out by Drishti Marine also asks tourists to swim only in swim-safe zones, marked by flags and located near lifeguard stations.