Berlin Airport plans to build additional terminal

The Berlin airport is all set to open in 2020 and an expansion is already planned in time to be completed for the opening. The airport, BER, has announced its plan to build another terminal before it’s opening date. With the new terminal, the airport will be able to handle an additional six million passengers every year.

The new terminal is proposed with the hope that it would increase the total capacity at the airport’s opening to 28 million passengers. Together with Schönefeld Airport, which will remain in operation up to the end of 2025, Berlin’s airports will then be able to accommodate “a good 40 million passengers per year,” said the Airport Association Berlin-Brandenburg announced on Wednesday.

The opening of the new airport has been delayed by years due to numerous technical problems and mismanagement. The airport which was first scheduled to be inaugurated in 2011, is now set to open in October 2020.