‘Ranveer on Tour’ train in Switzerland

Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh, Switzerland’s ambassador in India, has inaugurated a train named ‘Ranveer on Tour’ in Switzerland. Ranveer has managed to turn around 25 per cent growth rate in the overnights in the Alpine nation, that drove Indian tourists to Switzerland.

The train was launched on 30th April by Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Travel System. The country said it wants to continue with Ranveer Singh on board in 2018 and is looking forward to that. India ranks seventh in importance among all the countries for Switzerland in terms of tourism.

“I still remember being completely mesmerised on my first train ride last summer and I hope all our esteemed travellers enjoy this incredible ride as much as I did,” said the actor in a statement.

Switzerland, wants the Indian tourists to travel to the country during winter to experience the weather. For winter travellers, Swiss has specially created programmes such as the ‘First Ski Experience’ which is a very easy skiing programme for beginners. It also has the Grand Tour of Switzerland which is basically the ‘Route 66’ of Switzerland.

“In 2017, activities to promote Switzerland in India have resulted in a strong increase of 23.4 per cent in overnights,” said Martin Nydegger, CEO, Switzerland Tourism.