World’s largest mosquito found in China

How big can be a mosquito? The answer would be somewhat like as big as a fly, right? But, here in China, an insect expert has caught a mosquito, that has a wingspan of over 11.15 cm at the Qingcheng Mountain in South-West China.

The mosquito is 10 times larger than that of a conventional mosquito, as per Zhao Li, who is a Chinese entomologist. The insect belongs to a species called the Holorusia Mikado, largest mosquito species in the entire world, commonly found in Japan.

According to Zhao, mosquitoes belong to the insect group called Nematocera, which includes crane fly and Chironomidae. However, the Holorusia Mikado never bite people and take its nutrition from plant sources.

Meanwhile, authorities are currently planning to place the mosquito specimen at an insect museum in the Western part of China.