JetSetGo takes over Indo Pacific Aviation

Delhi based private aviation company JetSetGo, has acquired Indo Pacific Aviation Company. Established in 2014 JetSetGo owned by Kanika Tekriwal and co-founder Sudheer Perla has grown swiftly within and outside India.

JetSetGo offers seamless airline connectivity connectively through a fleet of services that includes private jets, helicopters, and Airliners. During the last financial year, the company has commuted over 2,800 flight movements.

“As the oldest NSOP (India’s oldest non-scheduled aircraft operator) and having truly created the aircraft management market in the country, Indo Pacific has been instrumental in many ways in the growth of the private jet and helicopter market in India,” said Kanika Tekriwal, CEO of JetSetGo.

JetSetGo, has achieved this growth with a focus on its global investor support and adding new technology in the aspect of flying. Besides other startups that use more cash burn, JetSetGo has an objective cash flow positive from inception.